Dear Guest,

Hotel Valentino B&B has drawn up some general rules, listed below, in order to ensure you a pleasant stay with maximum security.

  1. Expulsion and Removal. The hotel, as an accommodation facility, has to protect the Guest from inappropriate behaviour. In the unquestionable judgement of the Management, the possible inappropriate conduct of both adults and minors will lead the Hotel to deny the service and/or, exercising its right, remove the offending Guest without notice. The removed Guest shall not be entitled to the return of the amount paid, which the Management may legitimately withhold and shall also claim for the residual sums, as compensation for damages, without prejudice to the right to compensation for greater damages ascertained. The Hotel is private property and guests and sellers, who do not respect its policy, are requested to leave the the structure; in the event of their refusal, they are subject to trespassing and subject to further legal action.
  2. Welfare check. After 12 hours of silence, the Management and the Personnel in charge reserve the right to enter the rooms to carry out checks, even when the “do not disturb” sign has been displayed. Guests are invited to inform the Reception if they sleep mainly during the day or in case of illness.
  3. Sanitary control. Diseases and epidemics. The Hotel reserves the right to refuse accommodation to a Guest arriving with a contagious disease. In case of illness during your stay, please inform the Reception. If you are seriously ill, you may be required to receive adequate health care from a nearby health facility. During epidemics, the Hotel has the right to take precautionary measures at the discretion of the Management or as required by local and national authorities. An extra cleaning fee will be charged to your bill, at Management’s discretion.
  4. Legality check. Management reserves the right to enter a room with “Do Not Disturb” status in the event of an emergency, suspected illegal activity, disturbance to other guests or damage to Hotel property. In the case of suspected illegal activity, the Management reserves the right to summon the police for help in eviction. The right to privacy ends when the Rules and Regulations are broken. To the police will be granted immediate access.
  5. Guest control. MINORS FROM 14 YEARS 
    1. Minors. The Management declines all responsibility for any accidents to minors, who, for admission to the Hotel, must be at least 14 years old and accompanied by their parents or trustees with a proxy with a photocopy of their parents’ documents and their telephone number. Totally responsible, parents and/or trustees must ensure that minors maintain a polite and respectful behavior of others and the structure.
    2. Undeclared guests. The Management has the right to remove – even with the help of the police – and to report to the public safety authority all unauthorized persons, found inside the Hotel. 

f) Hotel access control
1) Guests must not let anyone in without authorization by the Management.
2) No one can enter the Hotel without authorization by the Management.

The Management HV